Welcome to the 28th Irish Signals and Systems Conference 2017

On behalf of the ISSC 2017/IT&T 2017 Organising Committee, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all participants of the Irish Signals and Systems Conference 2017 Technical Sponsors IEEE UK and Ireland Signals Processing Chapter. This years conference is organised jointly by the Institute of Technology, Tralee and the Cork Institute of Technology.

The ISSC is currently the premier annual research forum in Ireland addressing all aspects of signals and systems, focusing on digital signal processing, control and communications. Over the last 28 years, the ISSC has brought together knowledgeable researchers, scientists and engineers, both academic and industrial, from all over Ireland and other parts of the world, to explore developments and advances in above fields. It has also contributed to the career development of many Irish researchers during a period of significant growth in related research activity. As agreed in the last Steering Committee meeting, the ISSC will continue to support this expanding research and offer a forum where postgraduate students in particular can find a supportive and interested audience. This year again there is a high proportion of submissions from postdoctoral researchers in the areas of signal processing, control systems, biomedical, cloud computing, sensing, analogue, mixed signal and RF processing. We are especially proud of the abundance of papers in the field of analogue, digital and mixed circuit design as in previous years. This topic is particularly important to both academia andindustry and is most welcome.

The conference this year promises to be an exciting one with a strong technical programme. In total, we received 65 papers from almost every third level institution in Ireland, as well as a significant number from researchers from outside of Ireland. The conference programme will feature 38 oral presentations and 13 poster presentations, accompanied by keynote addresses from world acclaimed speakers from academia and industry.

We are also delighted to announce that this year's conference proceedings will be published by IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our technical sponsor, IEEE Signal Processing (UKRI Chapter) for its support and official endorsement.

One of the highlights of the conference will be the plenary talks by Dr. Edmond Harty, CEO Dairymaster, Full Adjuct Professor University College Dublin; Mr. Barry Kennedy, Irish Manufacturing Research Ltd; Mr. Lional Alexander Former CEO HP Ireland & VP/MD of HP Global Supplies Business & Development, Chair of IT Tralee Governing Body; Professor Shane Ward, Director of Smart Systems Unit, Biosystems Engineering, University College Dublin and Professor Conor McCarthy, Confirm SFI Research Centre, University of Limerick. I would like to thank our plenary speakers for accepting our invitation to present at ISSC 2017.

We are particularly delighted with the high level of industry participation in this year's conference in terms of number of submissions, presence and support. Our technical programme includes a number of special Industry tracks.

A special thanks to all our sponsors: The IEEE Signal Processing (UKRI Chapter), Institute of Technology, Tralee and the Cork Institute of Technology, Rohde & Schwarz, Dairymaster, IMaR, TEC and Micra.

Sincere thanks to all Scientific Programme Committee members for their thorough reviews of submitted papers, and the valuable feedback to corresponding authors. To the authors, particularly the many students who submitted work, we would like to say thank you and well done on meeting the high submission standards. Particular gratitude also to all of the members of the local Organising Committee who have worked tirelessly over many months on the organisation of the conference.

We hope that you find the conference interesting and stimulating, as well as an enjoyable social gathering in Killarney, and wish you every success in your participation in ISSC 2017.

Joseph Walsh and Dirk Pesch
Conference General Chairs